Game and Nature Reserves


Jungoe Park is one of the nation’s most famous leisure spaces. There is a folk museum, an education center, and a biennale showroom in the Biennale & Museum section of the park. Moreover, the Grand Park section has various rides and amusement facilities.


Pungam Reservoir was originally built in 1956 for agriculture, but was turned into a park in 1999 as part of the pilot program for developing parks nationwide. It is a popular resting area featuring traditional pavilions and wooden bridges.


Mudeungsan National Park is a mountain at the edge of Hwasun-gun, Damyang-gun and Gwangju. Mudeungsan Mountain features three rock peaks called Cheonwangbong, Jiwangbong, and Inwangbong, also known as the “Jeongsang Three.” Image Map